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Dr. Mrs. Dinah Brodie-Mends

General Practitioner & Management Consultant,

Euracare Ghana

A Ghanaian national, Dinah is a permanently registered Medical Practitioner with the Ghana Medical and Dental Council. She holds a BSc (Zoology), BSc (Medical Sciences), and MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) from the University of Ghana (Ghana); and MBA (Business Administration and Management) from the University of Nottingham (UK).

A General Practitioner, Clinical Services Coordinator, Health Care Manager offering extensive clinical and management experience in both the public and private health care sectors.

Prior to joining Euracare in November 2019, she had been working for 37 Military Hospital, Lekma Hospital, Medinet Care International and MedFocus International.

Programs + Specialties: Newborn Medicine
Research Interests:
Pulmonary hypertension of newborn lung development
Training + Education:
State University of New York at Buffalo

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