Building a global community and leading the diasporan village back home. Strengthen this generation, build the next generation and be the diasporan networking hub.




Jackie Manu

Born and raised in London, Jackie attests her passion for Ghana to her parents instilling their heritage through their language and regular annual visits to Ghana. As an adult she has always worked with diasporans in connecting to Ghana in various forms as times change.

She started off as a Maths Teacher which she loved as it allowed her to help shape young impressionable lives. She later transitioned into project management in the IT consultancy which allows her explore a new field whilst honing in her natural ability in managing.

Jackie has the desire to relocate to Ghana and use her professional exptertise to not only contribute to the country but build her career portfolio.

Kwame Opoku-Addo

As a young man, Kwame migrated to England to join his parent, leaving a great life behind- there was always an itch to relocate back to Ghana. Now more than 20 years later, he is facilitating the move of others to be a smooth transition.

By day he consults on business transformation with governments and other major organisations. His love for personal growth has taken him now on a MBA journey which he plans to use in Ghana.

He has a natural affinity with connecting people and has transformed it in his professional and Christian networks. He is genuinely passionate when it comes to bettering the lives of others.

Alice Abrokwa

Alice was born in Ghana and migrated with her family to Germany during her formative years. She returned to Ghana to complete her Secondary School education and finally settled in her host country.

She is an HR Digital transformation professional and an avid change catalyst helping companies transform and build a workforce of the future whilst bridging the gap between technology and people.

The few years she spent in Ghana were very impressionable, she frequently travels to Ghana to reconnect with family and has built strong ties with many individuals over the years.

The visits have strengthened her aspiration to return home – Alice strongly believes in the youth and anticipates to engage in youth empowerment and social programs that will foster development and harness the potential of the future generation.