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Welcome to Migration2Ghana

Like most budding innovators, Migration2Ghana started on the bedrock of extensive conversations revolving around these three words in any order and any combination: Africa, building, people! If Whatsapp wasn’t encrypted and if retrieved phone conversations were used for more than just marketing, the evidence would attest to the passion for building Africa and building people.

What then started as a networking event to host great leaders in their respective fields for other professionals to gain wisdom and network quickly grew into a bigger agenda.

Great leaders seldom walk alone, a vision that was created by one man in 2017 now has a solid team of 3 with over 50 years of professional experience amongst them. With their wealth of knowledge, networks, and management expertise, they have galvanized over 300 people across the globe to form a community, share content, attend educational webinars, secure land in Ghana all during the unfortunate 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, and all via WhatsApp.

That was the 2nd tier of growth for Migration2Ghana. We have now taken our village to a wider digital platform and are soon becoming the ‘go-to’ for all things for African professionals and the heartbeat of diasporans who are moving back to Ghana and the rest of Africa.

A platform and networking opportunity for like-minded professionals. Although not exclusive to Christians, we pride ourselves on the following principles.

1. Strengthening and sharpening each other.
2. Honouring and providing a platform for experts to pass on their fountain of knowledge.
3. Paying it forward and helping the next generation.

If you’ve read up to this far, we hope you leave with the notion that professionals can give back and build each other up in more ways than just liking each other’s LinkedIn activities and that there is so much to learn from Africa and we all want a piece of the pie for us and the next generation!

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Born and raised in London, Jackie attests her passion for Ghana to her parents instilling their heritage through their language and regular annual visits to Ghana...

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